Rand Property Management LLC Controls WBIR

WBIR has removed two of three articles so far that mention about a 100% rent increase on tenants of a building it purchased. Rand Properties are forcing people out of their homes, according to tenants and the previous WBIR articles that can no longer be read.

This is an email an employee shared on Reddit:

The employee wrote, “I work for rand property (im obviously staying anonymous) and management sent out an email today bragging about bullying WBIR into removing a factual article off of their website interviewing residents complaining about how they literally doubled rent at their new complex. This is supervillain level stuff yall avoid this company at all costs.”

Just remember: WBIR and most of your local news and your local elected officials don’t give a fuck about you or your situation. Several of them more than likely are in the same business in which they flip properties and kick people out of their homes so that they can make an extra buck off of some nice California people that think $1,000+ on a tiny 1 room is a bargain.

Fuck all of y’all.

– David Garrett Jr.

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